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doomedpassion in luv_peace

(Bleach-Kubo Tite) Conventional Pairings are Getting Worn Out

As i was saying the more conventional pairings from Bleach are getting worn out.  Well not only the het, but the shojoai and shonenai ones too, so i came up with a solution.   How about Aaroneiro ArlerixKurosaki Ichigo, Kaien ShibaxKurosaki Ichigo and Ulquiorra SchifferxIshida Uryu.


Re: more pairings?

kenpachixgrimmjow...eh? *stunned* ew *grossed out*

Re: more pairings?

I don't know, it just came to me. I've always wanted to pair Nnoitra up with someone, cuz I don't know why but I took a liking to him and his tallness *jealous* Tesla's basically throwing himself onto him but Nnoitra's not interested... are all fraccion like that with the Espada?